Monday, April 28, 2008

Win Pics

Here are pictures of the pretty girl! She was losing hair like crazy the week before we left - but luckily, she started putting undercoat back on right before we left, and every day she looked better than she did the day before.

Here is her Award of Merit pic - Marla showed her up until the last trip in the ring, when we were lucky to have the Best Junior Handler at the Specialty, Mackenzie Mann, step in to help out. Here the Best Herding Titled Bitch:

Best Laid Plans ...

Ok - so I didn't do as I said and post up to the minute developments from the Specialty. I guess I am just not a blogger at heart. Anyhow - here are some pics.

On Sunday, we went to watch the herding trial. It was cold and wet and generally miserable, since I was only there to watch. But before we left, we got these two heathens together to make a family pic. This is Moira, Scout's littermate. Moira got her HT on the day before. Notice that we had to tie them to a fence to get anything close to a good picture. As contrasted by these two handsome and well behaved fellows. This is Spencer and his littermate Wilson. They were happy to pose and I had a selection of good shots to choose from.

This is the only shot I attempted in the ballroom - Scout and Marla during the Megan. I can't believe not a single dog went after Marla's boa. Though out of coat, I thought Scout looked pretty and she was awarded runner up to the Best Red Bitch.

We're headed home - and look at all the loot! Scout got her Rally Novice title and got an extra Novice leg for fun. She also got ribbons for Best Herding Titled Bitch and an Award of Merit. Spencer brought home three green ribbons and a third place ribbon in Rally.
I just thought this one was funny - is Scout bored with it all or just tired?

Monday, April 14, 2008


Long day! No time to even fire off a short post.

Spencer wants a new handler. I cost him many points on the excellent course and nq'd him on advanced. I did manage to pull it together for Scout and she got her rally novice title. Then I made her pose for this picture.

On to agility - both were nuts in jumpers, but Spencer pulled it together and turned in a respectable if NQ performance in standard.

Tomorrow is the Megan. There is much poofing in Scout's future.
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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Heading out tomorrow

Spencer, Scout and I are getting ready to head off for a vacation week hanging out with our Cardi friends at the 2008 Specialty show. Actually, I'm getting ready - they're hanging out in the backyard.

My plan is to set up to do some mobile blogging on the week's activities - let's see how it goes.